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Why should our children need to attend Greek School? What is the importance of learning Greek?

Questions most parents come to address when considering Greek School for their kids.

In the vast selection of education options available in the Bay Area, multilingual schools like HCGS provide children with a true advantage.

When looking at multilingual education programs, trust the experience!

Any foreign language is a great asset for young Americans. In particular, Greek has several extra advantages.

Learning Greek will help you:

  • exercise the brain by learning another alphabet

  • learn additional languages easier

  • understand better your OWN (English) language (about 25% of the English vocabulary is of Greek origin)

  • learn the Modern Greek culture and understand yours better (by looking at it from a different angle)

  • more easily do research on Greek history, from Post Hellenistic times to today

  • communicate when traveling,

  • enjoy music, songs, poetry and literature

  • learn about food and Greek cooking!

  • communicate with relatives, friends and Greek spouses.

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