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Covid-19 Safety Plan




Here are a few guidelines that we have put in place, in compliance with the county regulations,

in order to ensure a safe environment for our students, teachers, and consequently parents.



Concerning our Covid-19 regulations & policy:


Firstly, all students are obligated to wear a mask during our classroom time, drop-off and pick-up time, and while on any part of the school property. If there is a refusal to comply with wearing a mask, unfortunately, we cannot accept the student in our classroom or school property.


It is very important that all families perform a health check for themselves and their children prior to leaving their house: please do not come to school if you or your child are exhibiting any symptoms that may be related to Covid-19. If you or your children have any symptoms, please notify us immediately. Please keep in mind that if you have multiple children, some of which aren't attending our Greek School, and some yes, and one presents symptoms- do not bring your child to our school. Please inform us of this. 


In order to avoid touching pens/pencils by multiple parents, we have created a touch-less sign-in health screening checklist, and a further family communication system. You will need to confirm your child's temperature is under 100.4 Fahrenheit upon entrance to our classroom. This will be done by you in your car or right before dropping off your child. Our teachers are all equipped with the app itself and can check it consistently.


Teachers are furthermore highly encouraged to perform a health check for themselves prior to leaving home and have to apply the same rules of notification if feeling any symptoms that are Covid-19 related. We would like to inform you that all our teachers and staff are fully vaccinated. 


We encourage anyone who exhibits any symptom that may be related to Covid-19 to seek support from their health provider and to submit a Covid-19 test if needed. We expect all our teachers, children, and families to strictly follow our health guidelines in order to keep our school running normally and to ensure a safe healthy academic year for all our students. 


Concerning our classroom policy: 


1. Only teachers and children are allowed in our classrooms - if you'd like to perform a formal classroom inspection, which is your right as a parent, please schedule this with the director.


2. We will continue to function in a stable grouping for each classroom community. Teachers and children will remain with their own classroom community throughout the school meeting. 


3. All vaccinated and unvaccinated people will wear masks inside the classrooms, in the bathrooms, and when walking throughout the property (this is mainly targeted for teachers who will be vaccinated or kids 12 + ).


4. The delta variant increasing in transmission, all vaccinated and unvaccinated people will wear masks when outdoors on the playground. This is due to the simple fact that children are unable to maintain on a regular basis a 6-foot distance that makes unmasking unsafe.


5. When masks are removed for snacks during the break, they will be placed in the child's tablespace. Children and teachers will be adequately spaced apart.


6. Frequent hand washing will be highly promoted and there will be hand sanitizer for all kids in our classrooms.


7. We will provide good air condition by safely propping doors open and installing child gates. An air purifier will be in service during our school day. In addition, our furnaces have been outfitted with high-quality MERV 13 filters and are serviced regularly.


8. We will continue to clean and disinfect our classrooms and materials in accordance with the county regulations and procedures noted to us.




Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in these hard times, in order for us to function properly and not be shut down regularly due to outbreaks, we are taking the safest measures possible. Please note that we are complying with county regulations. 


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