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Holy Cross Greek School Learn-A-Thon

     We are very excited about our Greek School community's first-ever Learn-a-Thon. The purpose of the 
Learn-a-Thon is two-fold. We hope that this will be a fun and educationally engaging activity which will 
not only raise money for our Greek School but showcase our children's accomplishments in the Greek 
language and culture. Each grade level teacher has put together a checklist of 25 items your child will 
be asked to answer on the day of the Learn-a-Thon. The questions are based on their age and level of 
development in the Greek language. The concept is much the same as a “Walk-a-Thon" in that students 
are sponsored for each skill they master/correct answer achieved.

Below, please find links to the question sheets prepared by each teacher by program and grade level. 
Click on the link to review the questions and make any copies you may need.  The pledge and sponsor 
sheets with additional Learn-a-Thon information and program-specific due dates can be accessed below 
as well. If you need, copies are also available at the Greek School office. The Learn-a-Thon will be the 
largest annual fund-raiser for the Greek School. We hope to raise $200 per student.

Key dates for the various programs
Please check our calendar

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Katerina Papachristou-Chiotis 

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